1- All artwork will be delivered within 1-7 working days of placing order.
If the order cannot be delivered in that time the customer will be promptly contacted with an alternative schedule.

2- Artwork can be returned within 7 working days after receiving it, if quality is unsatisfactory to the cust0mer or the artwork is not to expectation. However return postage will not be covered by the merchant. Once returned in the same condition an exchange or full refund will be paid within 5 working days.

2- All products are packaged to a high standard with suitable packing materials.

4- No responsibility is taken by merchant if art work is damaged in transit, for example, by water, fire or other unlikely event. However an artwork could be exchanged for another if a situation occurred.
In an unlikely situation of an item being lost in transit. A postal tracking code is included and the matter will be dealt with promptly. A refund or exchange can be made if the situation cannot be resolved or is the fault of the merchant.
Please ensure correct address details are made when placing order.

5- Occasionally framing glass breaks or cracks in transit, particularly larger works such as 50 cm x 60 cm despite sound packaging. Shipping frames containing glass is at the buyers risk and will have to make their own re-glazing arrangements if the situation occurs. Alternatively a framed artwork without glass can be purchased from the etching page.